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Bures Boahtin

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Bures Boahtin

Welcome to an experience out of the ordinary, a deeper journey into the Sami culture and way of life.

Saltfjell Sámi Adventure gives you the opportunity to take part in our cultural heritage and experience unique close contact with our reindeer. Here you will get to take part in a living history, where Sami culture and harmony with nature intertwine.

Get ready to be enchanted by the ancient and inspired by the modern, woven together by Sami tradition that has survived millennia.

Experience Bodø

Saltfjell Sàmi Adventure is a cultural gem located in the heart of Bodø city. Our large lavvo is an ideal meeting place for storytelling, where you also have the opportunity to take part in the Sami food culture. All your senses, taste, smell, hearing and touch should be touched around the warm fire.

The lavvo symbolizes community and warmth, and its round shape and simple design reflect our nomadic lifestyle. Here you are invited to share moments, bond and experience genuine Sami hospitality.

The best way to learn about Sami culture is to experience it first hand with all your senses.


That is what we in Saltfjell Sámi Adventure are offering you



Cultural heritage

We belong to a family that has lived with and from reindeer husbandry for generations. The reindeer is not just a resource; it also forms an essential part of our identity, symbolizing our close connection with nature and our ability to adapt to arctic life.

Overall, the reindeer is not only a key to our livelihood, but a living part of our history and cultural dignity. It represents a symbiosis between us humans and nature, where respect and sustainability are at the center of our values.

The lives of reindeer herders revolve around the reindeer, where the reindeer always come first



Duodji, the Sami craft, includes a number of works of art created from natural materials such as wood, bone, leather and metal. These materials are shaped into practical items such as knives, belts and clothing tailored to meet the challenges of all seasons in our arctic environment.

The deeply rooted use of reindeer and nature’s resources in duodji not only provides practical solutions, but also an insightful window into the close connection to both tradition and the nature around us.

This knowledge, which has been handed down through generations, is as vital and alive today as it was 1000 years ago. Duodji represents an irreplaceable part of our cultural heritage, a living treasure that carries with it the history and wisdom of our ancestors.


Through the ages, these valuable skills have been passed down, and duodji is not just a craft, but an ongoing tale of adaptation, creativity and survival in the challenging Arctic landscape.

Gákti, our proud national costume, goes beyond being a visual expression of belonging to Sapmi; it acts as a familial signature, a living continuation of our identity.

The eternal transmission of this knowledge, from one generation to the next, underlines not only the importance of duodji as a practical skill, but also as a bridge that connects the wisdom of the past, the challenges of the present and the heritage of the future in our Sami society.

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